This piece is a raucous exploration into fun sounds with saxophones and computers.

solo | alto saxophone

Warm Summer

Aug 2014

Vocal piece about the lovely warm summer... but really it's about death.

mixed | cello, mezzo soprano (voice), soprano (voice), trombone

Contrabass solo, inspired by thoughts and musings on interplanetary relationships.

solo | double bass

This oboe solo is the first of a series of works inspired by the universe (and writings and theories about it).

solo | oboe


Jan 2014

One of my biggest pieces up to this point, for 8 instruments each separately run through a computer.

mixed | alto saxophone, cello, clarinet, computer, double bass, flute, oboe, viola, violin

still disquiet

Apr 2013

Slow, sparse contemplative sextet.

mixed | celesta, cello, electric guitar, percussion, viola, violin

Electric guitar quartet

guitar quartet

The universe is a computer simulation, therefore this piece is composed not by me, but by the Universe Computer.

open instrumentation | open instrumentation

Based on text by Sylvia Plath.

trio | countertenor (voice), oboe, piano

Two glockenspiels, wow

duet | glockenspiel